A little rich for Cllr Steve Count to try and take credit for granting 99-year lease for Estover Playing Field

I too would like to register my delight to the awarding of a 99-year lease to March Town Council for Estover Playing Field.

It would not have been possible without the residents of March.

Firstly, they fought the insistence by Fenland District Council to allow developers to submit planning applications for up to 249 homes on unallocated land in Fenland as detailed in the Local Plan, something that is still in dispute.

Secondly, they contested Councillor Steve Count’s proposal last July that Cambridgeshire County Council should take advantage of this opportunity and develop on half of the playing field and provide investment to the remaining half for sporting facilities.

To quote Cllr Count, he stated: “If the county council does not take advantage of this development opportunity then other developers will and there is no possibility that Cambridgeshire County Council will agree to a long-term lease on Estover.”

How wrong you are Cllr Count – and would this long-term lease have been agreed if it had not been an election year?

It is a little rich now for Cllr Count to attempt to take credit for the granting of a 99-year lease, when it is he who has been advocating development and it is he who has officiated over the most incredible U-turn of the year.

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District councillor, March North

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