A loo with a view: Allotment holders welcome their new compostable toilet

IT may have cost more than �10,000 for allotment holders in Wimblington to spend a penny, but they are delighted with their new compostable loo that was officially opened this week.

Thirty-one allotment holders will no longer have to rush home if there is a call of nature, and the loo will be a boon for all visitors to the site.

Terry Haynes, press officer for Wimblington and Stonea Allotment Association said: “I was the first to use it, and was very impressed with it.

“The loo does not need a running water supply or mains sewage, and the compost it produces can eventually find its way back on to the allotments. We are delighted with it, it ticks all the boxes.”

Wimblington Parish Council chairman Maureen Davis opened the new loo; the council obtained the �10,700 worth of funding for the project from a lottery grant.

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Terry added: “The parish council has been a great help to us with setting up the site. Sadly the council had to close the public toilets in the village because of vandalism, so it is a great help to have the toilet here.”

It is not only the allotment holders who are very relieved that a loo has been installed, it will also be used by school children who have plots on the site, and the loo is fully accessible for disabled gardeners.

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The allotment association took over the site in 2009, and the new toilet is part of a five year development plan. A car park and storage shed have been installed, and there are plans for a community shelter, improved walkways and improved access for disabled members.

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