A lot of change since 1968

I noted in letters page August 19, an A Bennett stating that the Wisbech to March line closed in 1968 because it was not profitable. That may indeed have been the case back then, but an awful lot has changed in 50 years A Bennett.

There is for instance the high cost of running a car now compared to back then, the road congestion, and of course the green movement.

I own a vehicle. I have to, living out in the sticks and needing to fetch livestock feed and the like, but, if I want to get to Cambridge, Ely, or Peterborough for recreation, I would use the train rather than drive.

Particularly if I was going to spend a day in the museums in Cambridge. Driving in the city is a nightmare, finding reasonably priced parking also stressful.

I’d much rather go on a train, enjoy the journey, chat with fellow travellers, and arrive completely stress free, ready to have a nice day out.

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Then at the end of the day, ‘let the train take the strain’ and travel home, able to think about the things I’ve seen, instead of having to battle the rush hour traffic and arrive home with a thumping head.

Plus, during school holidays, a little day trip with children is made even more fun if you go by train. My son, lives in Littleport. He works partly in Cambridge, but also does two days a week in London. He owns a car. He uses the train.

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It makes no sense at all to state that because something did, or did not work, in history, then it will or won’t work now.

I remember reading somewhere that someone once said that the internal combustion engine would never catch on as they were expensive, smelly, noisy and horses had been fine up to then. Guess what...?


Tydd St Giles

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