A ‘trance’ to learn hypnotherapy with new book


Ever wanted to turn your friend into a chicken or to give up smoking then a new self-help book could be the answer.


Local author and hypnotherapist Rory Z Fulcher has published his second book entitled ‘A beginner’s guide to hypnotherapy’ - it follows on from his first tome ‘The Instant Hypnosis and Rapid Inductions Guidebook’.

Rory, 28, who is based in Marshland St James is a practicing hypnotherapist who has helped people with everything from addictions such as giving up smoking to ridding them of phobias.

One of the most unusual phobias he has helped treat was someone who was scared of baked beans.

Hypnosis is the fun side of the art and can be used to make people behave in funny ways such as thinking they are a chicken, while hypnotherapy is the treatment side.

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Rory has been a hypnotherapist for 10 years and claims he can help most people overcome their addictions and phobias with just a few sessions, and in many cases just one.

His new book is a self-help book which can be used by readers to learn the art of hypnotherapy and to treat themselves.

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To find out more visit his website: www.rory-z.com.

The new book is available on Amazon priced at £14 or £8 for download.

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