A10 upgrade should come before homes

I was very pleased to read the letter from Cllr Anna Bailey regarding the future of the A10.

It’s very reassuring that something at last is being considered. I say that with ‘tongue in cheek’ as we all know there will be a long term ‘investigation’ into both sides of the proposition.

There will be several people who will object, and of course they have to be listened to, but the main concern must be keeping commuters safe during their journey to work. This is not the situation at the moment.

Once the funding has been received it will then take many months of meetings with and without the general public being present before any decision can be made.

I think that NO work should be commenced in the Ely area on large housing projects until the road has been upgraded. More people driving every day in increased numbers is a sure way to more disasters.

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We have been told that there are plans for another 5,000 houses to be built in and around Ely and most of those will use the road adding to the congestion.

The A14 has been a problem for many years and I know from experience that the early morning commute to work is never a sure thing, as accidents happen continually on a daily basis.

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Please do NOT allow this to happen with the A10. Plan now for the funding and work to be completed before Ely expands even further.

I am now in my 70s and would like to see this completed during my lifetime, but I do not hold out much hope!


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