A1101 Welney Wash flood signs were in place on Monday... when the road was completely dry

Welney wash. water remaining on the road.

Welney wash. water remaining on the road. - Credit: Archant

I READ your report about the recent meeting pertaining to the problems of Welney Causeway.

It may interest you to learn that despite observing numerous vehicles (including small cars) coming through Welney successfully last Thursday, the warning and closure signs were all still in place on Monday.

We actually decided to drive through from Welney towards Ely on Monday morning to find the road completely dry. And yet drivers were still being advised to take the extremely long detour.

This is not the first time that the Environment Agency has left signs and warnings in place unnecessarily. I have complained but don’t anticipate much success!

It is annoying enough to have to put up with this flooding – which could, I understand, be mitigated if only the agency bothered to keep silt levels down around various gates.

But to be made to drive miles and miles just because the agency is either too stupid or lazy to update the signs in a timely fashion is simply appalling.

My heart goes out particularly to the proprietor of The Lamb & Flag. Not only has he lost an incredible amount of income due to the flooding, the agency is now costing him money unnecessarily as I imagine many diners were put off using The Lamb & Flag over Easter due to the warnings/road closure.

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I wonder how he will feel when he finds out?


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