A47 does not need any more speed restrictions - it needs improving

WITH reference to the story in your March 29 edition headlined ‘Speed Limit Must Be Cut’.

I understand the need for Steve Barclay to jump on every local issue, but perhaps he ought to think of the bigger picture before jumping in with both feet.

With the greatest respect to the family of the young man that was killed on March 15, the A47 does not need any more speed restrictions. It needs improving.

With all the heavy goods vehicles on that stretch it is almost impossible to exceed 45mph.

The majority of collisions are by people frustrated by being stuck behind these slow vehicles and no opportunity to overtake. Frustration often leads to bad judgment, bad judgment leads to bad collisions.

We do not know the cause of the collision, but I can bet you the road won’t be to blame.

Getting back to Mr Barclay. The A47 has been starved of funding for more than 25 years. It was the Conservatives that stopped the upgrade of the A47 in the 80s when Malcolm Moss was MP.

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Mr Barclay wants to travel on the road every day before he starts making knee-jerk judgments.

It doesn’t need to be any slower Mr Barclay, it needs funds spending on it. The funds that every motorist in Wisbech spends in road tax every year, the motorists in Wisbech that you represent.


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