Action group formed to fight Horsey Toll anaerobic digestion plant plan

Your article on the proposed anaerobic digester at Horsey Toll is perhaps a little premature.

What right has Fenland District Council to say it has no objection when it hadn’t even asked us residents?

Last week I raised a petition against the proposal from residents of Kings Delph, Whittlesey – 53 were at home when I called and they were all against it. That objection was passed to Cambridgeshire County Council.

On Tuesday, I attended a public meeting called by Peterborough city councillor Chris Harper, at which the developers and county council developers were in attendance plus about 150 residents. I have never seen so much hostility in a public meeting.

There were no letters through the door and very few public notices of the development. I learned about it from a friend who spotted a planning notice in a newspaper.

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Only six of my fellow Kings Delph residents had heard of it and it would appear that very few of the Peterborough residents had either until Cllr Harper told them.

We are now forming an action committee to fight it. First meeting next week.

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We are not NIMBYs, in fact most of us quite like the idea. We just don’t believe they should be built next to residential areas.

Those of us from Kings Delph remember the awful early years of McCain’s factory when for several years we had to put up with the stench of its digester. Complaints made no difference until Anglian Water complained about the effluent being discharged into the River Nene.


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