Agent says proposed new travellers site near Wisbech will be for Romani Gypsies only

A TEN acre site on the edge of Wisbech could become a travellers’ site if a bid to Fenland District Council is successful.

Agents acting on behalf of Elizabeth Curtis have applied to use the land for seven static caravans and provide room for seven touring caravans.

Ms Curtis also wants four stable blocks erected and engineering works carried out to create protective bunds around the perimeter of the site.

Her agent, Stuart Harrison of E and P Building Design, says the site is north east of Redmoor Lane and to the east of the railway track at Redmoor Cross and south east of Watersford Riding Stables.

Mr Harrison says the land was left fallow for a number of years prior to Ms Curtis and others occupying the site in 2008.

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“This site will provide accommodation for seven closely related Romani Gypsy families,” says Mr Harrison.

No business activities other than the parking of work vehicles are proposed on site and these will not exceed 3.5 tonne GRW: they will also be used to tow the touring caravans when the families are working away.

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To screen the site Mr Harrison says “fast growing landscape planting” is proposed so that the entire site is enclosed within a year.

“The applicant confirms that all occupants come from old established ethnic indigenous ‘Roman Gypsy’ families,” he says. “They are not Irish or New Age Travellers and all occupants are a related family group and have always maintained a Romani Gypsy lifestyle.” A second report has gone to the council via Mr Harrison highlighting the demand for extra travellers’ sites.

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