Alan’s right over the need for improved infrastructure as population grows

Councillor Alan Lay makes some topical points in his letter around the debate on immigration.

His figure of 250,000 per annum is contradicted by that for last year when net inward migration reached 318,000, the highest on record.

But a recent study found that EU migrants paid £20billion more into the economy than they received in the decade to 2011.

While migration since then has risen sharply, there is an argument for further controls on low wage migrant numbers. But at the same time, as our economy grows, people from overseas will be, as they have always been, an essential part of ensuring growth continues.

Unless Cllr Lay wants to turn the clock back.

But he is right over the need for improved infrastructure and services as population grows. A point I thought I had made in my letter (May 15) when I mentioned the need for building homes, improving education and indeed, the stamping out of abuse, by and indeed, of those who make their home here.


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