Alfie the dog who vets believe was dragged behind a car at Peterborough was rehomed to new owners just three months ago

RSPCA appeal for witnesses after Alfie was dragged behind a car or thown from one

RSPCA appeal for witnesses after Alfie was dragged behind a car or thown from one - Credit: Archant

A dog who the RSPCA may have been dragged behind a car was given to new owners just three months ago.

Following a massive media appeal information provided to the RSPCA suggested that Alfie is actually aged one, was originally named Bruno and belonged to a couple from Parnwell who had rehomed him to a new owner in September.

The couple are not being connected to the abuse Alfie has suffered.

The affectionate crossbreed dog is beginning to heal after he suffered what vets said are “shocking wounds” from either being dragged behind a car or thrown out of a moving vehicle.

The RSPCA put out a public appeal for help in finding the people responsible for torturing Alfie, who was found with deep wounds.

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The tan-coloured crossbreed was found in an awful condition roaming Eastfield Road, in Peterborough, on Wednesday (November 25).

The dog, who was not microchipped and had no ID, was found by a member of the public and taken to Vets 4 Pets in Peterborough.

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Inspector Justin Stubbs, who has named him Alfie, said: ““He is such a fantastic dog and so affectionate, I have really fallen for him.

“He just wants to be loved and despite what he’s been through, absolutely adores people.

“It’s really heartbreaking that someone could do this to him so callously, but his tail has been slowly beginning to wag.

“He was very skinny when he was found.

“He has clearly been either dragged behind a moving car or has been thrown from one.

“The vet was shocked at the level of cruelty Alfie has endured and the pain he will have suffered.

“Alfie had an operation for treatment to bleeding wounds on his feet and legs. The cuts went as deep as the bone but he is expected to make a full recovery and is currently staying in RSPCA boarding kennels.”

The RSPCA is appealing to anyone who recognises him or thinks he may have belonged to a friend or neighbour, Inspector Stubbs added.

“He has probably been kept outside all his life as he is not house trained, and we think he may have lived side-by-side with ferrets as he smelt of them when he was found.”

If anyone recognises him, or knows of a neighbour who had a similar dog which has recently disappeared, please call the RSPCA’s appeal line on 0300 123 8018.

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