Aliens over the Fens? Fighter jets scrambled? All in a lifetime’s work for those documenting UFOs

REPORTS of suspected aliens hovering over the edge of the Fens and how two fighter jets were scrambled to combat an invasion fear are revealed today.

Around 6,700 pages of UFO reports have been released by the National Archives and they include documents to sightings linked to RAF Lakenheath as far back as August 1956.

The RAF scrambled two Venom fighter jets after an unidentified radar echo (URE) was reported travelling at 4,000mph over Suffolk.

Once the first jet was in air, the URE was reported as having made a “swift circling movement” and had got behind the RAF plane, which tried to shake it off.

The first RAF pilot told his colleague in the other jet: “I saw something, but I’ll be damned if I know what it was.

“He - or it- got behind me and I did everything I could to get behind him and I couldn’t. It’s the damnedest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Another report from RAF Lakenheath dating from March 2007 describes how two American F-15s from the base were requested to investigate an unidentified object that had appeared on radar.

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A pilot, codename Gator 2, for the 493 fighter squadron, said the object was between the size of grapefruit and a soccer ball and was drifting at a height of between 17,000ft and 18,000ft. It was believed the object may have fallen off a weather balloon.

Also in the mound of today’s released documents are press reports in 1995 of a UFO that resembled Batman or a half-eaten Rusk over Great Yarmouth and Norwich. It had been filmed by Glenn Webster, of Norwich,

There is also a report from a sergeant at RAF Marham, who in November 1998 described a white bright light over Somersham, near Huntingdon.

Another airman from the base reports seeing a white ball with a long tail over the A17 at Boston, Lincolnshire in the same month.

The UFO reports are available to download for a month free from