Allow extra journey time as severe weather warnings hit, say Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue

Cambriegeshire Fire and Rescue urge motorists to take care on the county's roads

Cambriegeshire Fire and Rescue urge motorists to take care on the county's roads - Credit: Archant

Set your alarm to get up earlier for work to give you time to clear your car windscreen and allow extra travel time, motorists are being urged.

Cambridgehisre Fire and Rescue Group Commander Karl Bowden (centre)

Cambridgehisre Fire and Rescue Group Commander Karl Bowden (centre) - Credit: Archant

Fire and rescue teams across Cambridgeshire are calling on drivers to stay safe as snow, sleet and rain hits the region amid severe weather warnings across the country.

Leave earlier for work and don’t rush on the way home either as temperatures are likely to drop as the day continues, they say.

Although weather conditions are now expected to be less severe than originally anticipated, drivers are being warned to take care and allow extra time for journeys, particularly during rush hour, as a combination of weather conditions look set to cause potentially hazardous driving conditions with widespread ice.

The county’s gritters will be out preparing the roads but drivers have been warned to take extra care when travelling.

Group Commander Karl Bowden, from Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “We are urging people to allow extra time when travelling and to ensure all ice and any snow is cleared from cars before setting off.

“Even by late morning tomorrow, icy road conditions could remain where the sun has not managed to thaw the ice on the more remote, sheltered roads so leave extra distance too between yourself and the vehicle in front and reduce your speed.”

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It is not just the roads that present a risk when temperatures drop.

Pathways can be very slippery and health organisations in Cambridgeshire are also advising elderly residents to avoid venturing outside to prevent slips and falls.

Dr Alistair Lipp, medical director for NHS England Midlands and East said: “Some health conditions can be exasperated by a drop in temperature too.

“As the weather turns, don’t get caught out. Be prepared and if you do start to feel unwell seek help early.

“Talk to a pharmacist or call NHS 111. They can tell you now which service you may need.

“We’d also ask people to remember to look in on elderly or vulnerable neighbours to check if they need anything.”

In addition to the cold weather warning, a flood alert has been issued for the River Nene in Fenland as a result of an expected tidal surge coinciding with high tide.

With strong winds expected emergency services are warning people not to stand on bridges and river banks watching the river.

Grup commander Bowden added to make sure you are weather aware and keep an eye on any severe weather warnings by using the Met Office website.

Keep up to date by following the Met Office Severe weather warning website.

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