Ambitious plans for academy and new secondary school in Wisbech accelerate

AN ambitious era beckons for Wisbech as plans for an academy and a new secondary school in the town gather pace.

Governors at Thomas Clarkson Community College hope the school will achieve academy status by January 1, 2012, to make it self-sufficient and raise standards.

Peter Stewart, chairman of governors, said: “We took this decision – in consultation with the local authority – to bring further resources and greater capacity to the college, in support of its existing objective of raising standards for all pupils.”

Governors hope the school will become an academy at the same time as its new buildings – funded by Building Schools for the Future – will be ready.

Elsewhere parents and community leaders continue their dream of opening a new school locally.

Accountant Chris Alecock, 52, chairs the Wisbech Free School who want to open by September 2012. Eventually they hope to cater for 800 students.

Mr Alecock said: “Children and parents in Wisbech just haven’t got enough choice.

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“We’re an expanding town, the villages around Wisbech are getting bigger and we only have two secondary schools. One is obviously Wisbech Grammar School which charges fees of �10,000 a year and how many parents can afford to send their children there?

“The town is becoming swallowed up with houses and more and more people continue to live here. With more support from the public we will have much more weight when we present our proposal to the Department of Education.”

His son Christian, 15, goes to Wisbech Grammar School. His other son, Laurence, 8, goes to Elm Road Primary School.

Mr Alecock said he refuses to criticise either of the secondary schools in the town but believes they will eventually become “over subscribed”.

Mr Alecock said: “I’m not in this for the money or the glory I just want to do something for the children of our future. Our chances are slim at this stage - but we still have a chance.”

The group will submit its proposal on May 31. To express an interest in the school visit the Rosmini Centre, Queens Road between 10am-2pm in the next fortnight or visit

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