Amidst some confusion - and ‘various errors of detail’ - latest off licence application for Wisbech is postponed

Proposed new off licence for Wisbech

Proposed new off licence for Wisbech - Credit: Archant

A bid to add to the growing tally of off-licences in Wisbech took a blow today after Euro Pol Ltd withdrew their application.

Cumulative Impact Zone, Wisbech

Cumulative Impact Zone, Wisbech - Credit: Archant

The firm had been trying to open licensed premises at a new store proposed for 12 Lynn Road, part of the former Bodgers store.

However matters became confused during a licensing hearing at Fenland Hall and the application was pulled.

A spokesman for Fenland Council said: “The applicant withdrew the application - it contained various errors of detail.

“He indicated he was likely to submit a fresh one in due course.”

There had been some confusion over whose name the licence would be in and who would be running the new store day to day.

Those who opposed the licence included the family running Franks Fish and Chips opposite them.

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Frank, William, David and Patricia Retchless says their fish shop at 7 Lynn Road already has “a very big problem with alcohol drinkers at our premises.

“Most mornings we have to pick up to a dozen drink cans and alcohol bottles from our car park entrance.

Cambs Police also wants the licence refused, their licensing officer PC Phil Richardson reminding councillors of a cumulative impact zone “that contains a rebuttal presumptive that applications for a new premises licence will normally be refused”. PC Richardson says three outlets sell alcohol “within a mere moment’s walk away” and argues the number of off licences in town “has been a concern for some time”. Trading standards also want the application rejecting noting their concern that the owner who will hold the premises licence “appears to be based in Bradford”.

Health officials also want the licence refused.