Analogue television switch off

THE analogue television system is being switched off for good starting on the March 30 with BBC 2 and then April 13 with the other stations.

How many of us can remember the original TV system when only BBC1 and ITV existed and it was transmitted in black and white as a 405 line picture !

In 1967 BBC2 started in colour on the new 625 line picture service along with BBC1 and ITV also transmitted in colour on the new TV system There are some comparisons that can be drawn between then and now with a new improved TV system being introduced to replace the older one.

However one factor is so different. It is the fact that the original 405 line TV system was never switched off until 1986 (from Sandy Heath) How many people in the 1980s would be watching a 405 line television?

There was no push or rush to switch the old system off as there is now with the analogue!


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