Anger at plan to consider future of ‘priceless’ Community House in Wisbech

Fenland District Council’s cabinet is this week set to decide whether to go ahead with a ‘consultation’ with “selected groups” to decide whether to close Community House, based in Waterlees, which serves the whole of Wisbech.

It is not consulting on any other projects, as it has already decided what projects it favours. Unless Wisbech residents voice their views, it will most certainly close.

Why do people like Community House? You open the door, it’s welcoming, you’re immediately put at ease, whatever your age, all the staff are approachable and you feel they’re there to help you.

In a deprived community, this facility is priceless.

The previous week the Wisbech 20/20 Summit praised the work of the Community House, failing to mention the closure plans that must have been already prepared. Councillors also said “they must listen to people”.

Waterlees, in our opinion, is like a house of cards. If you pull out the wrong card, the whole lot can collapse and the results cannot be predicted.


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Via e-mail

I am shocked and really saddened by Fenland District Council’s decision to pull the funding.

If it shuts, we in Waterlees will lose a vital service that benefits all of the community.

We should be pumping money into the area and not depriving it of a very valuable service.

The council says it will consult with people on the decision. Look what happened when Royal Mail consulted on our post office in town. This was already done and dusted before the end of the consultation period.

Is it going to be the same in this case?


Via e-mail

I am shocked and annoyed that the council is trying to close down Community House, the one place children can go to socialise and stay off the streets — especially when there is a dispersal order in place.

It will just mean more children on the streets causing trouble if it is closed.

Surely the council could save money elsewhere as this is a much loved service.


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