Angry dad admits threat against two special constables

ANGRY dad Robin Hicks threatened to smash two special constables with an iron bar after they accused him of driving without a seat belt.

Hicks also told one of the specials: “Shut up or I am going to smash your glasses into your face,” Fenland magistrates were told.

He also told his brother to fetch an iron bar, and swore as he said he wanted the weapon to smash the officers

Hicks, 35, of Fairbairn Way, Chatteris, admitted a charge of threatening behaviour, and sentencing was adjourned until September 28.

The two special constables had seen Hicks driving near Wenny Road at Chatteris without a seat belt, said prosecutor Andrea Fawcett. One of the officers recognised Hicks, because he had been spoken to 10 minutes earlier about the same thing.

Hicks was abusive, and became verbally aggressive when told he would be given a �60 on the spot fine.

After threatening one officer he was warned he would be arrested, and he swore and waves his arms about, said Ms Fawcett.

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When an officer drew his incapacitating spray, Hicks bragged: “It will take more than that to bring me in, that does not bother me.”

Hicks was about to take his son to the park to ride his bicycle, and during the incident crouched behind the youngster and lifted him up.

“The officers felt particularly concerned for their safety, they thought they would be attacked,” added Ms Fawcett.

After arrest, Hicks calmed down, and said he had not been driving when he had no seat belt on.

Mitigating, Ian Graham said Hicks suffered from depression, and did not accept he had driven without a seat belt.

“He was agitated because of his illness,” he added.

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