Angry residents petition the council over bid by Wetherspoons for 2.30am licence Thur-Sat

AN angry group of residents has petitioned Fenland Council in a bid to stop Wetherspoons from staying open until 2.30am on three nights a week at their new March pub.

People living in Princes Walk, Pierson Court and Darthill Road have signed the petition which will be debated on Friday when councillors determine the application.

Inspector Rob Hill, March sector commander, is also opposed to the late night application by Wetherspoons who are in the final throes of converting the former Hippodrome Bingo Hall into a pub/restaurant.

Insp Hill argues that where the pub is situated “may have an impact on both public safety and the anti social behaviour/.crime rates within that area”.

Wetherspoons, he says, not only want a 2.30am licence for Thursday, Friday and Saturday but to extend hours on other occasions, too, such as St Patrick’s Day and St George’s Day.

“I also have some concerns around the safety of persons queuing to enter the premises and a limited parking provision which may have implication for public safety,” he says.

He hopes the licensing committee which will decide that further talks are necessary to resolve the issue with Wetherspoons.

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Residents, in their petition, claim 2.30am closing is “excessively late. The probability of car doors slamming, engines revving and general merriment in this road at that hour will make departure of cars from here a public nuisance.”

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