Angry victim offers reward after thieves steal laptops and cameras from Fenland home

A DISTRAUGHT woman has offered a �300 reward for information leading to the arrest of burglars who stole thousands of pounds of goods from her March home.

Thieves took two laptops, four cameras and a playstation from a house in Norwood Road, March, last Tuesday afternoon. The combined total of the stolen equipment was more than �2,000.

Kelly Amps, 31, lives in the house with her partner David Blake and a lodger, Anthony Harding. They have offered the reward in desperation for information on the burglary.

Miss Amps, a postgraduate student in Art Therapy, said: “All of my work was on my laptop so I lost it all and I have been forced to miss deadlines on my course.

“I’m trying to do something with my life. I don’t own a lot of things and when people take them it hurts a lot.

“I have shed a lot of tears since Tuesday. I have been really upset and frustrated. It’s just not right that we are living by the law while others are breaking it.”

Thieves gained access to the house through an unlocked back door some time between 12noon and 5.20pm on Tuesday.

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A police investigation into the burglary is ongoing. Anyone with information should contact the police on 0345 456 456 4.

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