Anna faced her food addiction and is helping others to lose weight in a successful Slimming World group at Coates

Slimming World Anna before losing weight

Slimming World Anna before losing weight - Credit: Archant

A mum of two who felt she was drowning in a food addiction has lost more than four stone and is inspiring others to lose weight.

Slimming World Anna after losing weight

Slimming World Anna after losing weight - Credit: Archant

Anna Foster was becoming increasingly unhappy as her eating addiction spiralled out of control so she decided to take action last year to trim down from 15 stone.

She said: “Food was my addiction. I ate secretly, I binge ate. I hated my body shape so much that I would find reasons not to go out, I faked an illness to not go to my husband’s work do.

“It was awful. So when I got to my lowest ebb I decided to do something about it.”

Anna, 35, joined a Whittlesey Slimming World group and in nine months has dropped to just over 11 stone.

“I went into Primark and instead of being too large for even their biggest size clothes I had the pick of anything I wanted to wear. There are no words for how good that is.

“I feel so amazing now, which is why I wanted to help others.”

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She launched her new group at Coates Primary School in July and in the 13 weeks since the group opened her members have lost a mind blowing 1,102lb - that’s 78 and a half stone.

The group has become so successful that Anna will be running an additional 5.30pm group on the same day.

Anna, of Eastrea, said: “I’m so proud of every one of my members. Week after week they show their determination and dedication to come to group and the results speak for themselves.”

For more information call Anna on 07539229365.