Anyone else interested in reforming a Royal British Legion branch in Wimblington?

OVER the past year or so many people have made mention of the Royal British Legion and a branch reforming for Wimblington.

Therefore we would like to establish who might like to be involved in the branch in the near future?

We would be interested in hearing from all past members and present members. If anybody is interested and has not been a member of the armed services, you are more than welcome to become involved as associate members.

Please contact us with your expressions of interest and we will organise a public meeting.

Please note, unfortunately the former women’s section standard has been laid to rest, therefore we are unable to reform a women’s section. But as part of the public meeting we will hold a vote to establish if the majority will allow women to join the men’s section – if agreed women will be able to join.

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If you require further information likewise please feel free to get in touch. E-mail or contact 01354 740306.


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