Anyone who lives near a school knows that parents don’t care where they park – most of them are bad drivers too

John Bennett-Collins has never lived close to a school, judging by his letter (January 30).

I used to live very close to a school and it was a nightmare with parking.

Once, I actually watched a woman (who was verging on the obese) load her children into the car at the back of my house.

She drove round the corner to the school, took at least 10 minutes to park the car, unload her children into the playground and drive back home again (no doubt for a whole day of daytime TV with a bag of donuts).

I was so sick of the school run drivers parking across my drive so I could not get my car out.

I waited one morning after witnessing a woman park across my driveway. After she had dropped her child off, she came sauntering down the road and her face dropped when she saw me standing by her car.

She was all apologetic at first and when I told her next time she did it, I would get it towed away, she became very aggressive and abusive and shouted at me that she pays her road tax and will park where she wanted (including a few very offensive words).

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Anyone who currently or previously has lived by a school will know these drivers not only park across drives, upon pavements, on pedestrian crossings etc.

The majority of them are just awful drivers too.


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