Appalled by meeting ban

We went tonight (Thursday August 25) to the very well publicised meeting at the Rosmini Centre to discuss the possible closure of our much loved Wisbech Hospital, and were appalled to find that only the first 50 people to arrive had been allowed in.

Well over 100 people were outside and very angry that we were unable to voice our views. Why was such a small venue chosen when it was obvious that many local people would want to attend?

We went on our own behalf as Maggie has a pacemaker and doesn’t want to spend more than half a day travelling by public transport to Peterborough hospital for a five minute check-up, which has been so conveniently done at Wisbech for many years.

We are also concerned about the vulnerable, those who have mobility problems, those who have little money for public transport and don’t have bus passes, the many non-drivers amongst us, those who find organising their lives very difficult......Many will just not travel longer distances and will die earlier, thus saving the NHS money no doubt.

We met somebody tonight whose husband’s health problems have always been checked in Wisbech but he now has to go to King’s Lynn as the funding for local services has been withdrawn. Why is this?

You may also want to watch:

Apparently there is another meeting on Tuesday September 20 at the Queen Mary Centre at 6,30pm. Let’s all go and make our views known!


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