Are there any Duffs in the area? I’m researching my family tree and wonder if they know anything I don’t

I have been researching my family tree for several years and three of the main surnames I am researching are Cooper, Leonard and Duff.

The earliest Duff in my tree is James Duff, a gardener, of Norfolk Street West, Wisbech, who died in 1850. He was my second great-grandfather.

My problem is that I have no idea where he came from in the first place, but in the 1841 census he claimed he was from ‘out of county’.

There is a record of a Sarah Duff being buried in 1830 at Wisbech St Peter’s, aged 77, and of a William Duff buried 1833, aged 44.

Before these people I can find no record of any Duffs in Wisbech. I believe there are still Duffs in the area and just wonder if any of these people might know something that I don’t!

If so I would love to hear from them – after all, we are all related in some way!

Please contact me at

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