Police reveal what happened in March as armed response swoop on car in high street

Armed police swoop on a white car in Broad Street in March on Monday, June 15. Picture: Andrew Stock

Armed police swoop on a white car in Broad Street in March on Monday, June 15. Picture: Andrew Stockbridge - Credit: Archant

Armed police swooped on a stolen car in March high street after spotting it parked outside Domino’s Pizza, officers have revealed.

Dramatic pictures emerged from Broad Street on June 15 after two police vans and two cars – one being an armed response vehicle – stopped in the town.

Officers were seen arresting three men who were sat inside the white Hyundai i10 at around 10am and debate began on social media on what was happening.

Andrew Stockbridge, eyewitness, said: “The driver of the car was taken very leisurely, with no stress, away in the van.”

Describing the moment police stopped the car, he said: “It appears the ARV [armed response vehicle] blocked suspect car in.

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“The squads came in from behind and three typical looking local lads got out.

“I couldn’t really see the point of such manpower, unless of course they’d been reported as armed.”

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A spokesman for Cambridgeshire Police said: “At about 10am, officers in Broad Street, March, came across a parked white Hyundai I10 that had been reported as stolen.

“Three men were arrested at the scene on suspicion of theft of a motor vehicle and remain in custody at Thorpe Wood Police Station.

“The car has been recovered and will be returned to its rightful owner.”

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