Art enthusiasts welcome to attend sessions at Rosmini Centre, Wisbech. Volunteer models are also welcome

Are you interested in painting and drawing?

At the Rosmini Centre, Wisbech, we have a group of people who like to draw and paint. We are there to enjoy a hobby which we all love.

Some of us are in Wisbech Art Club. Some are not. Cost is £1 a session.

Once a month we try and get a model in. The purpose is to try and make us draw and paint what we see. We try and change the models as often as possible so we are used to showing what you have to do.

Actually modelling is rather boring, which is why we usually have Classic FM on. But you do have the chance to walk round and suck your teeth during the breaks as you see our attempts to produce a likeness of you!

You may also want to watch:

We are always looking for models so if anyone would like to volunteer, could they please get in contact with us?

We like to offer £30 for a two-hour session and that means that a modest £5 is charged from each artist.

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If anyone out there would like to pop in a see what we are up to, we would be very pleased to include you in our afternoon’s enjoyment. Bring your own stuff to the Rosmini Centre on Mondays from 3-5pm.


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