Hospice’s rehabilitative support programme gets new name

Arthur Rank Hospice Charity has rebranded its supportive and rehabilitative eight-week programme to the Living Well service. 

Arthur Rank Hospice Charity has rebranded its supportive and rehabilitative eight-week programme to the Living Well service. - Credit: Arthur Rank Hospice Charity 

One of the region’s hospice charities has re-branded its eight-week supportive and rehabilitative programmes with a catchy new name.  

Arthur Rank Hospice Charity has re-launched its programme to the ‘Living Well’ service, following consultation with patients, relatives, healthcare colleagues and volunteers. 

The service, previously known as Day Therapy, is provided from the Arthur Rank Hospice, in Cambridge and the Alan Hudson Day Treatment Centre, in Wisbech.  

It provides specialist advice, practical and social support to an average of 1,731 patients per month, who are living with a life-limiting condition. 

Whilst the programmes offered in Cambridge and Wisbech differ, both typically involve once a week contact for eight weeks.  

Sue Rossitter, joint team lead of Living Well service Cambridge, said: “The Living Well service typically sees patients who are in the earlier stages of their diagnosis and those who might need assistance to manage the symptoms of their condition.  

“As such, this is likely to be the first hospice service patients have contact with.  

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“Having experienced the benefits of the Living Well service, patients often feel more open to being reintroduced to the programme at a later stage, as well as being referred to other Hospice services when needed.” 

Claire Walpole, team lead at Alan Hudson Day Treatment Centre, said: “The Living Well team provides a supportive environment for patients and carers.  

“The aim is to enable patients to live well and achieve what is important to them during this phase of their lives. 

“Understandably patients and their families have many unanswered questions when they receive a life limiting diagnosis.  

“We work closely with them to understand the specific challenges they face and how they can minimise or eliminate these.  

“Our flexible and holistic programme of activity and network of support can be developed as their condition changes. 

“We find that because the patient is central to and leads these discussions, they often experience an enhanced quality of life, with family members or carers benefitting too”. 

For more information about the Living Well service, visit: arhc.org.uk/livingwell  

Referrals can be made by healthcare professionals, such as a district nurse or GP at arhc.org.uk/refer or by calling 01223 675800.