At last good news for motorists through the Fens and into Peterborough as Northey Bridge re-opens

A KEY route through the Fens and into Peterborough will re-open tomorrow- but some restrictions will still apply.

Northey Gravel Bridge will re-open to traffic by the end of the day following completion of work to replace the structure.

The bridge, which connects Northey Road to North Bank to the east of Peterborough, has been closed to traffic since August 2010 while work was carried out by Peterborough City Council in partnership with Atkins.

A council spokesman said: “At over 100 years old, the masonry arch of the bridge was deteriorating rapidly and replacing the structure was the most cost-effective option.

“The new bridge will have an increased capacity of one lane in each direction.”

The spokesman added: “The road will be opened again to traffic from Friday, although it will remain restricted to a single, narrow lane while finishing touches are completed.

“Both lanes of the bridge will be open from the end of January.

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“A temporary footbridge was opened nearby to allow pedestrians to cross while the work was taking place. This will be removed later this month, when it will be necessary to close the road bridge for a short time during a weekend.”

Councillor Peter Hiller, the city council’s cabinet member for housing, neighbourhoods and planning, said: “This is a vital route into the city for those living in outlying towns and villages and I am sure there are many residents who will be delighted that the bridge is open again.

“The new bridge will help ensure that this route remains viable in the long-term.

“What is most impressive is that the work has been completed on time and to budget despite some of the worst weather imaginable in recent weeks.”

Andy Tatt, the city council’s network management group manager, said: “Northey Gravel Bridge was over 100 years old and this work was essential to ensure that drivers could continue to use this route into Peterborough. If the bridge hadn’t been replaced, it would have had to be permanently closed for safety reasons.

“We appreciate that the work has caused some disruption to drivers who would usually use this route, but it will improve traffic flow in and out of the city when the work is fully completed.”

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