Bad day for a business woman who locked herself into a shop and was then caught speeding

WIMBLINGTON business woman Debra Hurrell accidentally locked herself into one of her shops when the key broke in the lock - and her day got even worse when she was caught speeding on the way home.

Hurrell had left her three nieces in the care of a neighbour when she went to her shops in Huntingdon and Bedford on a Sunday afternoon; and was in a hurry to get home to them when she was clocked driving a Mercedes at 84 mph.

“When the key broke in the lock I had to wait for someone to come and let me out,” 42-year-old Hurrell told Fenland magistrates.

“I had said I would be away for three hours, but it took five hours. The person I had left my nieces with had to go to work, so I rushed back. I admit I was speeding.”

Hurrell, of Doddington Road, Wimblington, admitted breaking a 50 mph speed limit on the A141 at Chatteris on July 18.

She runs two clothing shops, along with a market and internet business, Hurrell told the court.

Magistrates fined Hurrell �200 with six points endorsed on her licence, and she must pay a �15 surcharge and �35 costs.