Ballot box European debate comes to Neale Wade Academy in March

Neale Wade EU hustings with candidates L to R Morgan Chappell, Alfie Cook and Christopher Harvey-Haw

Neale Wade EU hustings with candidates L to R Morgan Chappell, Alfie Cook and Christopher Harvey-Hawes with head of sixth form Dr Carole Spibe - Credit: Archant

The European elections came to Neale Wade Academy when students had a chance to listen to three different views on whether Britain should stay or go.

The hustings event was organised following a series of in form debates to bring the year 12 and 13 students up to speed with the voting process.

Organised by head of sixth form Dr Carole Spibey three students spoke on the argument for staying, for leaving and a third candidate who said the vote should be left to the politicians who understand the intricacies of what would happen if we the stayed or left the European Union.

Dr Spibey said: “Some of our students are eligible to vote and this process has given them a good insight into what these elections mean.

“The candidates do not necessarily personally represent those viewpoints but it has been a very interesting procedure for everybody.”

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Year 12 student Morgan Chappell spoke for the EU saying it has achieved a lot for their generation including protecting human rights and boosting the economy through official trade agreements and anti terrorism agreements.

Year 13 student Alfie Cook spoke against saying that since joining the EU in 1973 things have changed drastically to a point where out of 28 member states there are times when Britain votes against polities that are brought in regardless.

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Being an EU member now costs around £8.86bn a year, he said, and people should not be afraid to vote to leave simply through fear.

Year 13 student Christopher Harvey-Hawes said that there should not be a referendum as teh general public did not understand the complexities of what would happen if we left the EU and therefore the vote should be left to elected MEPs.

The students will vote on June 10.

They cannot hold the vote on the actual day as it would interfere with exams.

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