Barmy cathedral-licker describes Ely as ‘magnificent’

BARMY Lawrence Edmonds has vowed to lick all 62 Anglican cathedrals in the UK to win a pub bet - and has he revealed that Ely was one of his favourites

The 26-year-old was originally challenged to lick all 42 Anglican cathedrals in England back in January 2011 but the stakes were quickly raised when he relaised there were a further 20 in Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

Now, almost two years into the bet, Lawrence has successfully licked all 42 English cathedrals and has his sights set on completing the remaining 20.

English Heritage worker Lawrence, from London, licked Ely Cathedral earlier this year and admitted that it was one of his favourites.

Of his trip to Ely, Lawrence said: “The sheer magnificence of the place had David and I stumbling around in a numbing wonder that blocked out every other concern and thought.

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“A glance up at the nave’s painted ceiling almost brought the sound of singing angels to my ears that made me want to fall to floor and kiss the flagstones.

“I certainly hadn’t planned two licks of the cathedral but the simple fact was that it was so blooming marvellous that I would have happily licked every stone. The roof photo is one of my favourites for its audacity and the fine view of the other great tower of Ely.

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“After a triumphant and free cup of tea in the refectory, during which we giggled like schoolgirls at the photos we had just captured, we headed for the door for the final leg of the adventure. On the way out, just to be safe, I licked a spot next to the official sign.”

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