Be aware of parking restrictions at Asda in Wisbech

HAVING just had a �70 fine come through (but �40 if paid within 14 days), I want readers to know the parking time restrictions at Asda, Wisbech.

Canvassed friends did not see the parking notices, but we did notice the extended hours, the offer signage. Admittedly we had coffee, breakfasted, mooched and shopped and didn’t worry about time.

Apparently there are lots of signs, but on Asda’s car park pedestrians take priority over signs, as does walking safely from a parking space to the store.

I with excellent vision still didn’t see it.

I have contacted Morrisons and it has no parking restrictions. With Christmas coming forward, if Asda doesn’t increase awareness of parking restrictions for the savvy Wisbech shopper, where every penny counts, then I vote with my feet.

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As I said, I park in that car park to use Asda only. Yes, I did have a good gossip, but I didn’t know I couldn’t.

If I didn’t know, what about the others? It came in recently apparently, people I asked didn’t know, we have all uses asda in the last few weeks!

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