Be aware of scammers who are always on the look out for their next victim, say Cambridgeshire County Council

Cambridgehsire Councty Council are running scam awareness talks.

Cambridgehsire Councty Council are running scam awareness talks. - Credit: Archant

Scam crackdown talks have been taking place across the region to educate elderly and vulnerable people against frauds including bank and IT scams.

Research shows the over 70s age group have the highest reported loss from a number of different types of scams, with the average financial loss for those between the ages of 75–79 years found to be £4,500.

Elaine Matthews, strengthening communities service manager at Cambridgeshire County Council said: “Scammers are always on the search for their next victims, make sure you are prepared for when it happens to you and report the incident soon as they contact you.

“We are dedicated to spreading awareness of scams, particularly within the most vulnerable communities, by arranging regular talks and sessions for groups on how to keep safe.”

Joan Ellison says she is grateful she went to a talk as it stopped her falling for a bank scam.

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The 74 year old received an email disguised as her bank, claiming that her account had been blocked, demanding her to take urgent action.

Joan said: “Upon receiving a scam email I remembered the advice given by the Community Protection Team and contacted the bank. I’m very grateful I’ve been warned.”

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• The talk is on Friday 28 July at Larkfield Community Centre, Ely, for the local carers hub.

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