Be wary of a fraudster called Dan - or any other name - says Cambridgeshire County Council

Dan The Fraudster is trying to get personal information from people over the phone saying he is from

Dan The Fraudster is trying to get personal information from people over the phone saying he is from Cambridgeshire County Counci - Credit: Archant

People are being warned to be on their guard against a telephone fraudster who is out to gather personal information.

A man, who calls himself Daniel, is calling residents claiming he is from Cambridgeshire County Councl.

However, the council’s Facebook page says that: “We have a message for a fraudster calling himself Daniel and claiming he is from our council, so he can prey on our residents, especially the most vulnerable.

“Daniel, can we call you Dan? Or maybe you have another name? Or are not acting alone. Whatever your name, stop ringing our residents claiming you are from Cambridgeshire County Council checking on an accident someone in the house has had.

“Unlike Dan, who has been hanging up when challenged, if we ring someone we would give a name and number that people could call us back on.

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“So Dan, we have had complaints that you are trying to get personal information.

“If you would like to share your information with us we will happily pass it on to our friends in Cambridgeshire Constabulary.

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“Please help us stop anybody being tricked by Dan and his friends by sharing this alert and making sure you, your family or friends are scam aware.”

A Doddington firm said: “We had 10 of these calls yesterday and not one from Daniel – every other name though! We’ve got wise to them and don’t give them any information, one has come through this morning – so total 11.

“We have reported this to the county council who in turn are reporting to Trading Standards.”

Advice from the council for residents includes:

• If someone says they are from the county council, get their name and tell them you will call them back.

• Phone the county council general enquiries line on 0345 045 5200 and ask to be put through to the named officer.

• Be wary of all unsolicited calls. They might start by asking about ‘your recent accident’ or ‘your recent fall’ or ‘your claim for PPI’ or ‘your computer problems’. They say it to everyone. They don’t know you.

• Don’t ever give out any personal or financial information over the phone.

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