Beat This’ free lyric writing workshop at March library hosted by rapper Xidus Pain cures summer holiday boredom

Beat This at March Library

Beat This at March Library - Credit: Archant

A group of four children got together at the March library for a free lyric writing workshop with a professional artist last week.

Oksana Ezerian, 10, Amy Moore, 10, Grace Howe, 12 and Samuel Healey, 12, joined Beat This director and rapper Xidus Pain for the session.

“We do a lot of workshops around the UK and some aboard,” said Xidus, who has delivered workshops in Norway and Italy.

“The workshops help people to express themselves through music, whether through music technology, lyric writing or beat-boxing.”

Beat This, who have a recording studio in Peterborough, is also run by Skilly Skillz, who has competed in the UK beat boxing championships, and Lee Ashton and Benny Turner, who are company directors and hold workshops in music technology.

Oksana said of the experience: “It was really good to learn something different.”

Amy said the workshop allowed everyone to be themselves without being judged and that it was good for people who may not have gone on a holiday.

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She is now thinking of joining the 20Twenty choir.

The session was funded by the Arts Council and was part of the Arts Alive in Libraries project.

Louise Aldridge, March community engagement librarian, said of the event: “People should look to their library more.

“We’re doing lots and lots of different things, including a Frozen singalong in October for the whole community – not just children.

“We’ve also got the Opera Dudes performing at the Wisbech library on Saturday October 3 from 7.30pm.