Beatboxer left shocked after being chosen as Fenland Has Talent winner

SELF-TAUGHT beatboxer Oliver Griffen has admitted he was stunned to be chosen as the Fenland Has Talent winner.

The 20-year-old vocal percussionist beat 10 other acts to win Thursday’s breathtaking final at the Braza in March. His unique talent wowed the audience throughout the evening, many of whom were stunned by a skill they were witnessing for the first time.

Oliver, from March - who performs under the name Griff - was voted by the audience to perform again in front of judges on the night. He beat drummer Sam Horvath and band Dave to win the competition.

Oliver Griffen, speaking moments after his sensational triumph, said: “I didn’t think I had any chance of winning if I’m honest.

“I signed up because I wanted to show people what beatboxing is all about - how it can make people move - and the sounds that can be made, so I’m still in shock.

“I can’t believe that it appealed to so many different ages because there were some older people in the crowd who I just didn’t think would get it. An elderly lady stood up and applauded me when I finished and I just couldn’t believe her response.

“I thought that Sam was going to win it because he was amazing. He’s a really nice guy though so best of luck to him. He’s really talented.”

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Oliver learnt how to beatbox in his own bedroom after watching tutorials on YouTube and will now perform his talent at March Summer Festival today.

He said: “This win has given me more confidence to continue performing.

“However, I just hope I opened a few eyes on Thursday night. If I have inspired a few people to realise that they don’t need to learn an instrument to make music then I’ll be ecstatic.”

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