Beggars belief that Tesco/Lidl junction, Wisbech, is unadopted. But what about Freedom Bridge roundabout signs?

IT really beggars belief that the traffic lights at the Lidl/Tesco junction in Wisbech remain unadopted after three years! Best of luck to Councillor Simon King in sorting out the sorry mess after all this time.

In a similar vein is it not time that the lane markings in Churchill Road at the approach to the Freedom Bridge roundabout matched the directions given on the ‘get in lane’ road sign at the same location?

The text on the road surface was recently changed but still directs drivers to the wrong lanes.

Is it too much to ask that the highway authority, Cambridgeshire County Council, changes the road sign and informs road users that this has happened before someone is injured or worse.


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