Reporter shares mid-treatment stages of teeth transformation

Reporter Ben Jolley is undergoing Invisalign treatment with Dr Kishan Patel at March Dental Surgery. 

Reporter Ben Jolley is undergoing Invisalign treatment with Dr Kishan Patel at March Dental Surgery. - Credit: BEN JOLLEY

Reporter Ben Jolley talks about his ongoing teeth transformation that he is undertaking with Invisalign specialist Dr Kishan Patel at March Dental Surgery.

In my last Invisalign progress report, I ended it by saying that I had just three more sets of retainers to go - and that my dream of a perfect smile was quickly becoming a reality.

In the weeks since that January update, I started to notice a huge difference in my teeth and that the gap between my front two was gradually starting to go.

Among my friends, there's long been a running joke that I could fit a ruler or two pence piece in this space. It's safe to say that, thankfully, this is not the case anymore.

Instead, many of them have remarked how much of a difference there is in my teeth while my fiancé has noticed that I'm much more smiley now and happy to show off my teeth.

Additionally, when speaking to family members on video calls, many of them have said that they literally cannot tell that I am wearing the retainers - they really are invisible.

Previously, I would keep my mouth close in photos and when conducting interviews - but now I feel confident about my teeth and showing them to people.

At this mid-treatment stage, it's also worth pointing out that the ease of wearing dramatically improved - this is because my mouth had become used to the Invisalign retainers.

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When taking them out to eat and drink, too, it felt far less painful - likewise, with when I put the retainers back in afterwards.

While my perfect smile is on its way, Dr Patel and I decided that - due to my bite not being 100 per cent perfect - it would be worthwhile extending the treatment and ordering five more weeks' worth of retainers.

A real perfectionist, in the best sense of the word, it's as if he treats each patient's teeth like a piece of artwork - that he proudly showcases on his Instagram page.

The entire process has been really smooth and there have been no issues along the way, thanks to Dr Patel and the friendly team at March Dental Surgery.

No question is too silly to ask, as they made clear from the start - making me feel comfortable with checking up on something that I might be unsure about.

Now, I have just weeks to go until the composite bonding stage of my treatment and then I really will be beaming!