Appeal lost over plans to build wind turbines on a farm in Benwick

An appeal to build two 18-metre high wind turbines on a farm in Benwick have been refused. Picture:

An appeal to build two 18-metre high wind turbines on a farm in Benwick have been refused. Picture: Fenland District Council - Credit: Archant

An appeal to build two 18-metre high wind turbines on a farm in Benwick have been refused by planners and objected to by the MOD due to “aviation safety”.

The energy-saving appliances were to be erected on Cornerways Farm, in Ramsey Road, but Fenland District Council dismissed an appeal, stating that they would have “effect on the primary surveillance radar (PSR) at RAF Wittering”.

It comes as the applicant David Freeman submitted extensive evidence including a radar assessment and changed the siting of the turbines.

Mr Freeman said in his appeal document that he felt the refusal to be “unjustified”.

He explained: “I would like to re-affirm that the proposed turbines are not commercial machines for financial rewards.

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“It is acknowledged that wind turbines can produce visible clutter returns to the detriment of radar operations, however, the reason for this appeal is to determine whether or not the proposed development, given its unique location, being surrounded by much larger existing wind farms affects the operation of the PSR at RAF Wittering.

“Given the predicted small technical impact of the proposed turbines, the negligible cumulative impact and the availability of alternative radar services the MOD objection to Cornerways Farm appears to be unjustified.”

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The original application was submitted in 2016.

The farm is located 35km from the PSR at the airbase.

In an appeal decision from Fenland District Council, it states: “The Appellant’s Grounds of Appeal has been carefully considered, although it is considered that the Local Planning Authority’s position on this application has been clearly outlined in the officer’s delegated report.

“The LPA acknowledges that the development site is located within an area of large wind farms and this application has been refused purely on an objection from the MOD which the applicant failed to overcome during the determination of the application.

“The inspector is therefore respectfully invited to dismiss the appeal.”

The application site is located on agricultural land to the south east of Cornwerways Farm set within the open countryside.

The turbines were proposed to be 18-metres high to hub and 26m to blade tip, and were set to be located in a strip field to the east of the farm.

Aside from Cornerways, the only other property in the vicinity of the site is Whitehouse Farm.

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