‘Big Brother’ Policy Rejected at Fenland Hall

I WAS glad to read that Fenland Councillors threw out the proposed new ‘kiss and tell’ policy at a meeting of its Staff Committee on Monday.

Staff at Fenland Hall who have a personal relationship with a colleague would have had to declare it to their manager in writing under the new policy.

As an admirer of the work of socialist writer George Orwell, I think that this proposed ‘Big Brother’ policy could have been taken straight out of his book: 1984.

With a budget to balance, I would have thought that the Conservative administration at Fenland Hall had better things to spend their time on?

One area to look into is the cost of company cars given to senior officers at Fenland Hall. Another would be the possibility of sharing of our Chief Executive with a neighbouring authority.

The proposed ‘kiss and tell’ policy would have turned the Human Resources department at Fenland Hall into a cross between a relationship counsellor and an agony aunt.

Many couples start their lifelong relationship at work. It would have been madness if staff had to consult Human Resources before ‘making a move’ on a colleague.

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Relationships between people at work should remain private. Fenland Councillors showed sense by throwing out a policy which, from the beginning, was clearly bonkers.



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