Big thank you to people and companies who have supported Dramarama

I WANT to say a very big thank you to some companies and people.

I started running Dramarama a few months ago but instead of just acting I wanted to do things a bit different by taking the group on outings to learn more about where they live and an insight to the various jobs people do.

I wrote to various companies asking if we could come along and visit them in their workplace etc.

Well the response has been amazing. In the last three months we’ve been up the bell tower at St Peter’s Church, Wisbech Museum for a children’s workshop and Wisbech Fire Station.

We’ve had an invitation from the Mayor to go and look around the council chamber and in August we go to see the harbour master plus a return visit to St Peter’s (but this time we’re going to the very top of the tower).

Then the kindness of residents who have donated costumes and props. These gifts are really appreciated so once again a big thank you to everyone.

Annie Appleby

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