Bionic style suit could ease painful spasms for five year old March boy Harry

GoFundMe story about Harry Brown.

GoFundMe story about Harry Brown. - Credit: ma/VKfsg0+QxRLKVt9g+Y1reCHYnN5Q7

A couple is fund raising to buy a pioneering medical suit for their five year son who suffers from painful cerebal palsy spasms and poor mobility.

GoFundMe story about Harry Brown. Harry during his molli suit trial,

GoFundMe story about Harry Brown. Harry during his molli suit trial, - Credit: ma/VKfsg0+QxRLKVt9g+Y1reCHYnN5Q7

Carly and Glenn Brown are on target to buy Harry one of 700 suits developed by doctors in Sweden that is fitted with electrodes to help reduce pain from tension and spasms.

Two weeks ago they launched a GoFundMe campaign and have raised more than £2,300 towards the £3,500 price tag needed for the life changing Molli suit.

Carly said: “I am overwhelmed. I cannot express my gratitude enough to anyone who has donated, or even just shared the campaign.”

Harry, a pupil at Meadowgate School, Wisbech, has lived with quadriplegic cerebral palsy since he was born prematurely at 31 weeks weighing just 3lbs 8oz.

GoFundMe story about Harry Brown. Harry and his family.

GoFundMe story about Harry Brown. Harry and his family. - Credit: ma/VKfsg0+QxRLKVt9g+Y1reCHYnN5Q7

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After reading a post on Facebook from the mother of a child with the same illness, Carly began to research Molli Suits which help children and adults who experience similar symptoms to Harry.

The stretch body suit needs to be worn every day for an hour or every few days for three hours to get the benefits of the electrodes.

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It would replace medication that Harry takes every day but doesn’t respond well to.

Carly and Harry travelled to the London Centre of Cerebral Palsy last week to trial a suit for the first time.

She said: “We couldn’t believe the difference in Harry.

“He could actually stretch his arms right above his head and also move them into the position to roll over which he has never been able to do.”

With an older brother, Alfie, eight, and younger brother, Rogan, seven months, Harry is very sociable and happy child, but struggles with sleeping, walking and spasms, when his whole body can lock up, and his parents now hope the suit can give him a new lease of life.

“He is very gregarious and loves off-roading with his dad and granddad. He’s very outdoorsy and there’s no doubt that if he could walk, there’d be no stopping him,” she said.

Visit his Go Fund Me page harryneedsyourhelp.

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