Bishop of Ely: Church must think carefully about same sex couples who ‘make families’ and care for children

TRADITIONAL marriage must not be “neglectful of or disrespectful” to those bringing up children in same sex relationships but the Church was clearly entitled to comment, the Bishop of Ely warned

The Rt Rev Stephen Conway told members of the Ely Diocesan Synod at the weekend: “Governments have exercised the right to alter marriage by introducing divorce laws in the teeth of opposition from the churches. Some churches have adjusted to this experience.”

The bishop said: “The government now has to test its mandate to make such a considerable further change. It is absurd to claim that the Church has no right to seek to influence the debate.

“Marriage is not just about private and individual choice without consequences for the whole society.

“Marriage is a public commitment to a hospitable partnership for the sake of the health and well-being of all.

“It follows that our eagerness to assert the claim of traditional marriage must not be neglectful of or disrespectful to those committed and faithful same-sex couples who make families, care for children and who are often members of our churches.”

Bishop Conway added: “If not marriage, then we must think and pray very carefully about how we support and encourage flourishing and faithful partnerships.”

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* The Bishop also spoke of the drought and said this was “a wake-up call for us to cherish water more as a precious gift from God and not a commodity to waste.”

He added: “It is our Christian duty to do all we can to conserve our water supply and collect water wherever we can.”

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