Bishop of Ely’s cat is missing: just weeks after being shot

JUST weeks after it was shot by an air rifle, one of the Bishop of Ely’s pedigree Burmese cats has gone missing.

The eight year old called Esther was wounded by a rifle attack this summer. She returned home with a pellet still lodged in her leg, and was treated by a city vet.

But after making a full recovery from that traumatic attack, Esther has now gone missing, leaving the Bishop, the Right Rev Stephen Conway, very concerned for her safety. Esther disappeared while the Bishop was on holiday; while she was being cared for by his colleagues.

The Bishop’s PA, Jane Sansom said: “Esther went missing over the Bank Holiday weekend, just a few weeks after she was shot.

“We do not know where she was shot, but she came home injured. She has now disappeared, and we have put up a notice on the gate asking for information. She is wearing a collar with her name and phone number on it, and she is chipped.”

Esther and the bishop’s second Burmese cat called Hepsi moved to Ely with the bishop when he was installed back in March.

Jane said: “Hepsi is really missing Esther, we are having to give her lots of fuss in the office. We would be very grateful to hear from anyone who has information about Esther; we have asked around, and a lot of people near the Bishop’s home know she is missing.”

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A spokesman for Cambridgeshire police said there had been no reports of pets being shot in the city recently.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the bishop’s office on 01353 662749.