Blaming UKIP for Wisbech being run down is laughable - the problem lies with the Tory-dominated councils

Having read Martin Curtis’ letter (May 2) I had to remind myself that the elections are due to vote for MEPs in this area and the whole letter sounded like a party political broadcast.

To blame the UKIP councillors for Wisbech being run down is laughable.

Wisbech has been deteriorating for the last decade at least, through under-investment, when there were no UKIP councillors at all.

The problem lies with the Conservative-dominated town and district councils that have allowed this to happen.

The cuts that have been made on the budgets of the councils have been made by the cabinet system in Cambridgeshire County Council – and who was the leader? Oh yes, Cllr Curtis.

You may also want to watch:

Maybe he should be blaming himself.

I notice that while he was bad-mouthing UKIP he somehow forgot to mention one of his fellow councillors up in court for firearm charges or the in-house arguing amongst the Conservative councillors that has been going on lately, or the renaming of the Hudson Centre and others for no apparent reason other than a whim by a Conservative member.

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The truth is that they are scared of UKIP and will bad-mouth them at every opportunity.

If they spent more time and energy on doing their job and MAKING Wisbech a better place its residents could be proud of their town and it would regain its pride as Capital of the Fens.


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