Blanket 20mph limit in Wisbech not my idea

In regards to Councillor Paul Clapp’s letter last week, ‘hypocritical Tories now propose 20mph limit’, I must complain about what the letter suggests and about the tone used.

It is one thing to run a line of political spin, which we are sadly forced to tolerate from UKIP on a regular basis lately, but another to outright lie.

Cllr Clapp names me in his letter and goes on to suggest I am proposing some 20mph blanket scheme across Wisbech like the one put forward by the Bucknors last year.

This is simply not true, he appears to have simply invented it out of thin air.

Whatever has caused him to become befuddled, I won’t hold my breath waiting for him to apologise.


Wisbech Town Council, Peckover

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