Blazing opposition: Campaign against outsourcing of Cambs police roles sends fiery message

THIS 30ft high fire sculpture demonstrated the blazing opposition towards the outsourcing of police roles in Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

The flaming “Keep Policing Public” statement was the climax of an event held as part of the campaign against the privatisation of the police.

Plans to outsource Organisational Support Police Staff roles to G4S, following high profile failures of private organisations to successfully provide public services, have been met with strong opposition.

One of the strongest opponents has been UNISON, the country’s biggest public sector trade union.

Maureen Le Marinel, UNISON vice-president, told those at the campaigning event to “try negotiating with a private sector company to do something that’s not in the contract and you will find out to your cost and the cost of your communities that it will cost an arm and a leg to do so.”

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Other speakers at the event included Glyn Hawker, UNISON’S regional secretary, and Mark Watson, Hertfordshire Police Branch Treasurer.

Mr Watson said “In public service we feel morally obliged to do what is right and necessary to help those affected by crime. In private enterprise the only imperative is to service contractual obligations and thereby maximise profit.”

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The event was attended by police staff and representatives from the Police Federation, Superintendents Association, and other local support groups.

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