Blessings are given to a new March restaurant thanks to Buddhist monks

Buddhist monks bless a new Thai restaurant in March

Buddhist monks bless a new Thai restaurant in March - Credit: Archant

Buddhist monks blessed a new Thai restaurant in March to herald in good luck.

Buddhist monks at Annie's Tai Kitchen, March

Buddhist monks at Annie's Tai Kitchen, March - Credit: Archant

The three monks from the Cambridge Buddha Metta Centre began by chanting in Pali, an ancient traditional language, followed by drawing a traditional symbol over the door as a blessing for good fortune.

Anne’s Cafe, which will serve traditional Tai dishes, is run by Anne Spence, who says she has put on a good variety of food to give people a taste of authentic cuisine.

Anne said: “I have been in England for 15 years but used to work restaurants in Thailand.

“I have always wanted to own my own place in this country and looked all over to find the perfect spot.

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“It is all traditional Tai cookery as oppose to an English version, with good fresh ingredients and lots of different flavours.”

She used to work with her husband on their farm at Coveney, near Ely, but since selling it decide to set up in a brand new venture.

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The restaurant is open six days a week from 11am to 8pm. Closed on Sundays.

Monks Bikku Kovidho, Bikkhu Kanito and Bikku Jayabalo performed the ancient ritual of good fortune.

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