Blind dog Hooch - who was re-homed in Wisbech - heads RSPCA’s new International Blind Dog Day celebrations

Hooch - formerly known as Pooch - was rehomed by a couple in Wisbech.

Hooch - formerly known as Pooch - was rehomed by a couple in Wisbech. - Credit: Archant

A blind dog that found a home in Wisbech is one of the stars of a RSPCA campaign aimed at encouraging all dog owners with blind pets to celebrate their unique four-legged friends on the first ever International Blind Dog Day.

The RSPCA shared the story of Pooch, a Staffordshire bull terrier, who had both of his eyes removed when he arrived at RSCPA Block Fen in Wimblington last year.

His previous owners had ignored a congenital condition for over five years, forcing the RSPCA to take drastic action.

But Pooch managed to come to terms with his blindness and found the perfect home with a Wisbech couple – Tina and David Osler – who re-named him, Hooch.

They said: “He’s brilliant and has settled in really well. He’s coping very well without his sight too. He still bumps into things occasionally but on the whole he is brilliant.

“We try and make life easier for him. We live in a bungalow so he doesn’t have to tackle stairs. We were also told not to move the furniture around so his surroundings are familiar.”

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